Public meeting at Westruther Village Hall on Saturday 2 March at 6pm

The Steering Group is hosting a public meeting on Saturday 2 March at 6pm at Westruther Village Hall.  PLEASE COME ALONG.

We will update you on all the exciting progress made so far and let you know what the next steps are.

At the meeting we will be joined by consultants SKS Scotland who have been appointed by the Steering Group to complete a Business Plan. The business plan is a vital part of the application to the Scottish Land Fund for the necessary grant funding to purchase the Old Thistle Inn and the Coach House.

IMPORTANT: There are a couple of things we need you to do:

1 – Complete a very quick online survey
2 – Fill out and return an expression of interest in shares form


In order to complete the Business Plan, SKS need to evidence community support for the project. We know many of you have already said you support the Steering Group in its efforts to secure the future of The Old Thistle Inn. We’re now at the exciting stage of evidencing this support to secure funding.

PLEASE FILL OUT THIS QUICK ONLINE SURVEY ( 9AM ON 28 FEBRUARY. This will provide SKS with all the information they need to progress the application for grant funding.


One of the really important requirements for securing grants, now and in the future, is evidence of commercial support from the community. So we need to ask you to print out and fill in this Expression of interest in shares form and return it as soon as you can. There is absolutely no binding commitment required from you here. It’s just so we can show those organisations who provide grants that the community is behind this project and willing to invest in it.

We really are at a critical stage of the project and we need your support to help us get everything across the line. Please take 5 minutes to help us do that.

While you’re here…

Attached below are links to the February Newsletter which provides some helpful information on where we’re at in the project, and a link to a document providing some further details about the shares issue.

February Newsletter

We Need You NOW

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